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We employ highly skilled individuals with years of experience in both public and private sector.

we provide a holistic approach to information security to make sure your business is done in a secure manner.

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  • 0207 5031015
  • contact@qotoz.com

We understand the need for the business to be forensics ready just in case of an attack and we will help you achieve that.

If you have a situation that needs forensic expertise then help is at hand. from detection to chain of custody to reporting, our experts will guide you every step of the way to find out who attacked the system, what was compromised and how it was compromised and what loss to business if any did occur and how it can be remediated.

The more your business is forensics prepared, the less interruptions your business will suffer. we can deal with live system as the systems that are shutdown and we can provide expert witness.

We employ forensic expert with masters degree in Electronics security and Digital forensics from Middx University with years on experience in the field.

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