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Outsourcing Services

We employ highly skilled individuals with years of experience in both public and private sector.

we provide a holistic approach to information security to make sure your business is done in a secure manner.

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  • 0207 5031015
  • contact@qotoz.com

At QOTOZ, we understand The budgetery constraints placed on information security and that is why we offer you and outsourcing service where we take care for all your security needs, saving you time and money.

We provide a complete or partial managed service depending on your business requirements.

Nothing is too small or too big, we can map your network, look at the assets that needs protecting and give you an impartial advice on the best way of protecting them.

Rather than look for the right people, prepare a budget, spend a considerable amount of time and money building a security infrastructure, we have a ready made solution for you.

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