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Pentesting Services

We employ highly skilled individuals with years of experience in both public and private sector.

we provide a holistic approach to information security to make sure your business is done in a secure manner.

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  • 0207 5031015
  • contact@qotoz.com

We perform pentesting on network infrastructure, web applications, wireless as well mobile devices. we stay to date with the latest threats to make sure your business stay safe and secure.

Our staff have accumulated thousands of hours in pentesting experience with both public and private sectors and the highest certifications in the pentesting field ( Crest/OSCP).

We use the OWASP framework and not only do we advise you of the vulnerabilities found, but also of the best mitigation techniques. We always take into account cost/benefit analysis.

You will find our prices very competetive and our qualitiy of work is of the highest standard.

we supply you with a statement of work at the beginning, We give you a description of what assets have been tested, what have they been tested for, what have we found and what mitigations can be used.

In this fast changing field, we offer a post/pentest service designed to ensure the continous security of your business.

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